B'nard Lewis

    L.G. Spence

    Activity in APT 304 Cover In Cover assignments with U.S. Intelligence International Co-Ops. Actor last seen as a police officer in the film Father Figures from Warner Bros./2017. Research shows high level work in human target elimination in the film A Better Way To Die/HBO. Lead actor in Heart and Soul/ABC, Jackee/NBC. Appearance in Houseguest/Hollywood-Caravan, and Captain Jack/Cardinal Films. Recipient of ABC Television's Talent Development Program. Prolific writer. Writer/Actor/Director. Known military background: Father was in U.S. Airforce. Four Uncles and first cousins served in U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Marines. Currently training in Krav Maga tactical close combat.

    Rita Gregory

    Laura Spence

    Current where-a-bouts are Pittsburgh. P.a. Last visual contact in August Wilson's Fences/2016/Columbus, Ohio. Appeared in character in Cleveland Abduction/2015, and Sonny Days.

    Joi Brent

    Adrianna Spence

    Newcomer to the cinematic world of espionage. No background. Strengths: Fearlessness. Chameleon like alter-identity skills.

    Brian 'Wolfman' Bowman

    Hanover Rain

    Subject is active. Hard to track. Last seen in The Life and Death of John Gotti/2017, Liberty Mean/2016, and Miles Ahead/2015.

    Layla Cushman

    Haven Spence

    As an actor, a detailed tracking que outlines frequent shooting in The Outsiders/WGN America. Appeared in Downward Dog /2017 and One Last Prayer/2016. Last known location, Cleveland, Ohio.

    Reginald Harris

    Issac Spence

    All American kid. Attends school. Unaware of the espionage intelligence climate around him.

    Avery McClain

    Sabrina Spence

    All American kid. Attends school. Unaware of the espionage intelligence climate around her.

    John Newkirk

    Dr. Samuel Newell

    Reports indicate steady activity in cinema. Acting operations in The Dairy of Randy Rose/2017, Summerside/2017, Flame of Hope/2016, and the TV series, Framelines/2017. Location, last known, Columbus, Ohio. **Known military background: Ex - SPC4 Promotable U.S. Army

    Matt Hudson

    Maraba Zoleslevsky

    Trained in acting in Frankfurt, Germany. International reach is his background. Soviet/Russian linguistics master. Appears in the film Rush: Inspired by Battlefield/2016 and Girl from Compton/2017. **Known military background: Former Senior Airman, U.S. Air Force.

    David Andreiws

    Kurkenun Zoleslevsky

    Ground reports indicate acting activities in Cafe Kremlin/2015, House of the Witch Doctor, CSI Miami, The Mentalist, Veronica Mars, I Carly, Baggage, Effin Science and Prison Break.

    Matt Reip

    Polain Zoleslevsky

    Briefings indicate Matt is a professional stuntman well versed in Kwanmukan Karate. Born in Ohio. Reports indicate Matt has been seen in Criminal Activities, Ms. Meadows, and Jenny's Wedding.

    Steve McKay

    Yanko Zoleslevsky

    Information gathered indicates Steve is a First Responder Professional Fire Fighter, professional stuntman and natural athlete. Born in Ohio. Well versed in Kwanmuka Karate and Taiho Jitsu.


    Aja Nicole

    The Girl In The Apartment

    Intelligence gathering reveals Aja has been active in the film assignments: Profiled/2015, To Sasha With Love/2015, The Pleasure Pit/2015 and Youtube's House Call/2015.

    Chuck Gillespie

    News Anchor On TV

    Intelligence reports extensive activity as a meteorologist. Actor in The Tribunal/2016 and Carol/2015. Critical background appears to be clear.

    Don Elder

    Uncle 'Ronald' Elderman

    New actor to cinematic espionage. **Known military background: Briefing disclosure indicates historical stellar service in the U.S. Armed Forces. Ex - CPL Tuskegee - U.S. AAF. Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient presented by President George W. Bush.

    Dianna Craig

    Agent Mika Edwards

    Briefings show acting activity in And Then I Go/2017. Last reported whereabouts, Southern Ohio.

    Taryn Toone

    Agent Kitt Cooke

    Background scope consist of the following information; acting roles in Contrast and To Sasha with Love. Cover location: Columbus, Ohio.

    Tre Ryan

    Agent Zan Black

    Agency background record indicates acting appearances in Atilla and Blood Brothers. **Known military background: Former Aerographers Mate 3rd Class E-4, U.S. Navy.

    Tom Lepera

    Agent Trent Carter

    Critical analysis show no available bureau background information. Intelligence data indicates cell location to be Cincinnati, Ohio.

    Carl Herrick

    Assignment Unknown

    Dossier disclosure reads Carl was active in All or Nothing/2016, Bad Fellaz/2015, and C'est Dommage/2011. Known military background: **Ex - CW Officer 3/E5 CW3 U.S. Army.





    Supporting Actors Pool

    Situational Role Actors

    Paul Jefferso, Delonn Donovan, Breann Cooper, Wisdom Banks, Kalin Amerson, Kai'von Amerson, Andrew Bryant, Rachel Justice, TyJaun Brown, Lauren Saavedra, Sandy Mia, and Malcolm Brown.



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