a B'NARD LEWIS film


    Starring B'nard Lewis

    (Warner Bros.'s Father Figures and

    HBO's A Better Way To Die)


    and STORY

    Removed from combat for well over a decade, an American Iraq war veteran battles domestic foes who've kidnapped his family. Coincidentally at the same time, a dark branch of the U.S. intelligence division applies real pressure to reactivated him and enforce an order that he recover long lost U.S. intelligence documents he was responsible for and lost during his last intelligence mission in Iraq years ago.


    The inquiring dark branch of U.S. intelligence want to destroy the documents. Opposing factions within want the truth in the lost documents exposed. All sides have triple infiltrated every step of the way to steer the global end-results. Our war veteran is returned to duty. His mission is laced with saboteurs at every turn. He must return the location he last held the secret documents. He stashed them in an apartment numbered 304.


    One problem. There are hundreds of apartments with the designation 304 in all of Iraq.


    As the years have passed, he, the whereabouts of the documents, and the potential international havoc the exposing of them could wreak, were forgotten about. Until now. U.S. intelligence is hell bent on finding these documents. No one is immune from being erased because of their power.


    Forcing the war veteran's hand, all factions promise the return of his family in return that he does their bidding in the retrieving and handling of the lost documents.


    His journey through it all, is nothing short of a series of Bourne-level encounters. We learn and witness why he was in charge of the original espionage-like mission in the first place.


    Now, he must choose between the lesser of two U.S. intelligence evils, with both sides wanting a different outcome. With the dueling purposes of doing the right thing and securing his family's safe return back to him, he himself narrowly stays one step ahead of everyone in order to control his own outcome.


    In the end, before any U.S. agency are to ever consider reactivating him for anything else in the future, they finally get it in their U.S. intelligence heads, this war veteran is one tactically intelligent giant that they should have let sleep.


    GENRE: Intel-mode, violence, drama, action.

    STORY FORMAT VERSIONS: Feature Film. 5-Part Series.

  • CHASE SCENE (animatic example)

    One of the chase scenes in Apartment 304 has our American Iraq war veteran hunting down the kidnappers of his mother and sister. This animatic example provides us with a 'thumbnail' layout of how it plays out cinematically.

    Animatics by: 3DExcite

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